African Politics Conference Group Section Award Recipients

African Politics Conference Group Award Recipients

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Best Article Award
Best Book Award
Lynne Rienner Award for Best Disseration
Best Graduate Student Paper

Best Article Award

2013     Dominika Koter, Colgate University "Kingmakers: Local Leaders and Ethnic Politics in Africa" World Politics 65 (2): 187-232).
2012 Severine Autesserre, Barnard College, Columbia University  "Dangerous Tales: Dominant Narratives on the Congo and their Unintended Consequences" African Affairs 111, 413 (April 2012)

Best Book Award

Books analyze an issue related to political science or international relations with special reference to Africa. The book should employ methodological techniques regarded as appropriate by any subgroup of contemporary political scientists. Edited volumes are not eligible.

2013     Rachel Beatty Riedl
Authoritarian Origins of Democratic Party Systems in Africa (Cambridge University Press)
2012 Leonardo Arriola, University of California, Berkeley
Multiethnic Coalitions in Africa: Business Financing of Opposition Election Campaigns (New York: Cambridge University Press)
2012   Honorable Mention
M. Anne Pitcher, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Party Politics and Economic Reform in Africa’s Democracies (New York: Cambridge University Press)


Lynne Rienner Award for Best Disseration

The award carries a prize and is intended to recognize outstanding scholarship in African politics.

2013       Matthew I. Mitchell, Queen’s University, Ph.D. 
Dissertation: Rethinking the Migration-Conflict Nexus: Insights from the Cocoa Regions in Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana”
2012 Janet Lewis, Harvard University
"How Rebellion Begins: Insurgent Group Formation and Viability in Uganda"


Best Graduate Student Paper

The award carries a cash prize and is intended to recognize outstanding scholarship in African politics.

2013   Milli Lake, Ph.D. (2014), University of Washington
“Organized Hypocrisy: External Actors and Building the Rule of Law in Fragile States.” 
2013 Amanda Robinson, Stanford University
"Nationalism and Inter-Ethnic Trust: Evidence from an African Border Region"
2013 Honorable Mention
Manuela Travaglianti, New York University
"Violent Out-Bidding: Violence against Co-Ethnics in Burundi’s 2010 Elections"