Congressional District Trip

Fellows serving in congressional offices are strongly encouraged to visit the congressional district or state of the Member of Congress on whose staff they serve their placement.

By giving fellows an opportunity to observe representative politics first-hand, the district visit provides exposure to a broader range of duties that legislators undertake and highlights the diverse issues that influence a legislator's approach to policy.

Visits to a Senator or representative’s home district or state may include holding press conferences with local media; meeting with local business interests and citizen groups; hosting town hall meetings; participating in local events from parades to barbeques; and many other activities that connect the Member with those whom she or he represents.

The trip gives fellows a chance to understand the legislative process in all its complexity and often provides the opportunity to interact closely with the Member throughout the trip.

Political scientists, journalists, and MCI-communications fellows receive funding to cover costs of a 3-5 day congressional visit. District trip funding for all other fellows is provided by their sponsoring agencies or organizations.