APSA Council Committees

  • Executive Committee The Executive Committee consists of the President, President-elect, Past President, Treasurer and chairs of the policy committees. Its main duties include preparing agendas for council meetings and annual business meetings and reviewing policy proposals before their presentation to the council. They may make recommendations for action by the council on proposed policies.

Term expiring August 31, 2023
Lisa Martin, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Mark Warren, University of British Columbia
John Ishiyama, University of North Texas
David Lublin, American University
Khalilah Brown-Dean, Quinnipiac University
Terry Gilmour, Midland College
Nahomi Ichino, Emory University
Sara Mitchell, University of Iowa

Ido Oren, University of Florida

  • Conference and Meetings Policy Committee The Conferences and Meetings Committee will address issues including policies on the siting of APSA meetings and on the structure and format of APSA meetings. 

Term expiring August 31, 2023
Sara Mitchell, University of Iowa, Chair
Costas Panagopoulos, Northeastern University
Christina Schneider, University of California, San Diego
Erica Townsend-Bell, Oklahoma State University

  • Membership and Professional Development Policy Committee The Membership and Professional Development Committee will address issues including the Association’s membership structure and dues, policies with wide effect on the membership, and programming and initiatives for APSA to undertake in promotion of members’ professional development.
    Term expiring August 31, 2023
    Ido Oren, University of Florida, Chair
    Catherine Guisan, University of Minnesota
    Leigh Jenco, London School of Economics
    Aseem Prakash, University of Washington
    Bassel Salloukh, Doha Institute

  • Publications Policy Committee The Publications Committee will address issues related to APSA publications, including journals, reports, and ebooks, and provide guidance on proposals for new APSA publications.
    Term expiring August 31, 2023
    Nahomi Ichino, Emory University, Chair
    Scott Desposato, University of California, San Diego
    Nancy Hirschmann, University of Pennsylvania
    Susan McWilliams, Pomona College
    Jillian Schwedler, Hunter College

  • Public Engagement Policy Committee The Public Engagement Committee will provide guidance on APSA programs and activities connected to amplifying the public reach of political science and, in particular, incorporating initiatives from the 2013-14 John Aldrich Task Force on improving public perceptions of political science’s value.
    Term expiring August 31, 2023
    Khalilah Brown-Dean, Quinnipiac University, Chair
    Menna Demessie, Universal Music Group
    Maria Escobar-Lemmon, Texas A&M University
    Tamara Metz, Reed College

  • Teaching and Learning Policy Committee The Teaching and Learning Committee will provide guidance in the coordination of teaching-related initiatives across the Association, including future directions for the Teaching and Learning Conference (currently under review) and programs and publications connected to teaching and learning.
    Term expiring August 31, 2023
    Terry Gilmour, Midland College, Chair
    Jason Casellas, University of Houston
    Terri Givens, McGill University
    Eileen M. Hunt, University of Notre Dame
    Mary McHugh, Merrimack College
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Policy Committee The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee assists the Council in coordinating and advancing the governance and leadership priorities related to diversity, equity and inclusion in the profession. In particular, the committee serves as the nexus for change leadership and governance as the association works to meet its commitment to addressing issues of systemic racism and inequities.
    Term expiring August 31, 2023
    John Ishiyama, University of North Texas, chair
    Andy Aoki, Augsburg University
    Pearl Dowe, Emory University
    Raymond Foxworth, First Nations Development Institute
    Ashley Leeds, Rice University