Formal Theory (Section 52)

Formal Theory is a methodology which is used by a large and central group of political scientists across the subfields of the discipline. The mission of the Formal Theory section will consist of three components. First, by raising the institutional visibility of the subfield and individual formal theorists, the Formal Theory section will provide additional opportunities to promote and encourage formal theory research and training to others in the discipline. Second, because formal theorists are concentrated in a relatively small number of institutions, the Formal Theory section will provide opportunities for engagement that will increase diversity within the subfield and expand the range of application of formal theoretical methods. Third, by developing a set of persistent institutions, the formal theory section will enable scholars in the subfield to more easily collaborate, share information and develop best practices (in, for example, research and teaching).

Section Membership Dues

Student Regular
$0 $25
Section Officers

Andrew Little, University of California, Berkeley

Vice-Chair Anne Meng, University of Virginia
Treasurer Alexandra Cirone, Cornell University
2021 Annual Meeting
Program Chair
Ryan Hübert, University of California, Davis
[email protected]

John Patty, Emory University

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