eJobs Support
The following resources and initiatives provide individuals with access to eJobs information at reduced and waived fees.  
Department Sponsored Student Membership

APSA Member Departments gain the ability to sponsor their current students through the Department Sponsored Student Membership Program.  Through this program the cost of an APSA student membership is shared equally between APSA and the member department. Reach out to your department today to see if you are eligible for this program. 

90 Day Trial Membership Program

Through APSA’s complimentary 90-day trial membership program, individuals gain access to eJobs, APSA’s online publications, the all-member monthly newsletter, and more.  Individuals are eligible for a 90-day membership one time only, and cannot have an active APSA membership at the time of enrollment. 90-day trial members do not gain access to APSA member registration rates for the Annual Meeting.

Monthly eJobs PDF

Published on the 1st of each month, the eJobs PDF compiles all listings that are currently posted to eJobs.  The PDF is organized by subfield and contains the complete job description as it was entered into eJobs.  This resource is accessible to the public.

eJobs Listing Access

As a non-member, individuals have limited access to eJobs.  Once logged in to their APSA account non-APSA members can access eJobs as follows:

1.    Navigate to your User Home Profile by clicking your name in the upper right corner of the page
2.    Once on your User Home Profile select “Access eJobs”, located on the right-hand side under “APSA Resources”
3.   Once on the Job Bank Menu select “I wish to get limited access to the Job Bank for FREE”

Job Bank Screenshot

4. From there select “Job Search”

Non-member eJobs access


As a non-member individuals can view the job title and institution, job type, region, and search status. This limited access is fully searchable by job position/rank, subfield, type of institution, and salary range.

Please contact eJobs@apsanet.org with any questions about the options listed above.