Departmental Membership Benefits

The Departmental Services Program (DSP) provides a forum for political science departments large and small to address common issues, and plan and develop publications and services for chairs, faculty, and students. The program, overseen by the Departmental Services Committee, supports political science teaching, scholarship, and service, and provides resources for department chairs. Join the over 500 departments of varying sizes and types that participate in this program and benefit from this special connection to the discipline.

Departmental Membership




  • Department Sponsored Student Members: Through the department-sponsored membership program, Masters and Ph.D.students enrolled in a program with an active departmental membership are eligible for a discount on membership each year. Click here for more information!
  • Recent Graduate Membership: Beginning with the 2023-2024 Department Membership term, member departments are invited to gift one recent graduate of their program an individual APSA membership. Individuals receive complete access to APSA's member benefits.
  • Resource Guide for Department Chairs: A new resource guide with 30+ pages of links to articles and information for chairs of political science departments. 
  • Department Portal: The APSA Departments' Portal is a free resource for all APSA Department Members and includes a range of resources to support departments and their leaders as they navigate issues critical to the success of their departments.
  • Meeting Space at APSA HQ:  APSA offers space for department members to host meetings while visiting Washington DC.
  • Department Profiles: Increase your department’s visibility! Have your department profiled on Political Science Now. Submit your department's information here
  • Discount on the Department Chair journal: Department members qualify to receive 20% off this Wiley journal.  
  • Webinars for Department Chairs: Members are invited to participate in periodic webinars on a range of topics relevant to department chairs. 
  • External Review Program for Department Assessment: An external review is a means by which a department assesses its current state and effectiveness, and develops goals and strategies to guide its future. This provides a unique opportunity for a department to consider the experience, expertise, and perspective of the academy at large through the engagement of outside participants who comprise the external review team. As a resource for APSA departmental members seeking external review, the Departmental Services Program maintains a list of faculty who have volunteered to serve as reviewers. To request names of potential reviewers, please contact dsp@apsanet.org. If you would like to volunteer as a reviewer, please submit your information here.
  • Political Science Today: Each department member receives one print copy of APSA's member magazine to share with faculty, staff and students
  • Diversity Student Recruitment Program (DSRP, formerly MSRP)  APSA maintains a database of African-American, Latino/Latina, Native American, and Asian Pacific American undergraduates and recent graduates who have been identified as possible candidates for, or who have expressed interest in, graduate study in political science. The database is updated periodically and made available to the graduate political science programs who are enrolled in the DSRP program for their annual recruitment of doctoral students.

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Jobs & Careers in Political Science



eJobs: The eJobs platform is the most comprehensive database of jobs related to political science and is accessible to all members. The database is updated daily with new job listings and candidate resumes, and is fully searchable by field of interest, employer or candidate name, region, keyword, position, salary, institution type, and most recent postings. Departmental members gain free access to the eJobs platform and may post jobs at no additional charge.


Note: If the department is not a current/active member, then they will be charged $300 for the first month per posting and an additional $150 per each additional month per posting.




Important Information



The yearly dues for APSA Departmental Memberships vary based on department type and number of faculty. Please see here to find out rates for yearly dues. Please note that APSA Departmental Memberships run yearly from July 1st to June 30th of the following year, and memberships cannot be prorated.

Becoming an APSA Departmental Member does not confer individual memberships to faculty or staff nor does it give individual access to any online individual member benefits. Faculty or staff can purchase individual memberships separately. Please see here for information on individual membership dues. 

Have questions? Contact APSA Membership Services at dsp@apsanet.org.

Check out our Department Officer Guide here for help managing your department account.