Individual Membership

APSA offers individual memberships for current and retired faculty, students, K-12 educators, consultants, and researchers. APSA promotes scholarly research and discourse across the field of political science, while continuing to promote and expand professional opportunities. An APSA membership enables access to benefits that are offered by the various departments within APSA, including career resources, data on the profession, publications, and opportunities for professional development. APSA offers one-year and three-year memberships.  Three-year memberships include a 10% discount.



Full APSA membership based on a sliding income scale

  One-Year Membership Three-Year Membership
Income under $30,000 $83 $224
$30,000-$39,999 $104 $281
$40,000-$49,999 $154 $416
$50,000-$59,999 $186 $502
$60,000-$79,999 $202 $545
$80,000-$99,999 $225 $608
$100,000-$134,999 $261 $705
$135,000-$199,999 $293 $791
Income $200,000 and above $345 $932
  One-Year Membership Three-Year Membership
Income under $25,000 $40 $108
Income over $25,000 $66 $178
Intended for non-political scientists.  
Individuals who pay APSA dues via American Historical Association (AHA) are considered associate members One-year Membership Three-Year Membership
  $80 $216
Full APSA membership at a substantially reduced rate for undergraduate and graduate students. One-Year Membership Three-Year Membership
Eight year limit on eligibility. $52 $140
Full APSA membership for life. This is a good value for early to mid-career political scientists. $4000
Full APSA membership at a substantially reduced rate. Three year limit on eligibility. $45
For scholars in non-OECD countries. Learn more about TIM membership. One-Year Membership Three-Year Membership
  $45 $122
  One-Year Membership Three-Year Membership
Intended for K-12 educators $53 $143
90 Day Trial Membership
Member Highlight


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“I think one of the most important things APSA does is to support conferences, programming, and publication outlets that provide opportunities to share research and to network with like-minded colleagues. APSA conferences, sections, caucuses, publications, and journals presented important opportunities to cultivate a professional network early in my career – and are still integral to my current professional life in different ways. I particularly appreciate that APSA has been willing to evolve to meet my own and other members’ changing professional needs.” – Dr. J. Cherie Strachan, Member since 1997


APSA Refund Policy: Membership may be cancelled by contacting the APSA membership department by e-mail at membership@apsanet.org or by mail; however, APSA does not offer refunds for cancelled memberships.