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Departmental Membership

The Departmental Services Program (DSP) provides a forum for political science departments large and small to address common issues, and plan and develop publications and services for chairs, faculty, and students. The program, overseen by the Departmental Services Committee, supports political science teaching, scholarship, and service, and provides resources for department chairs. 

Join the over 500 departments of varying sizes and types that participate in this program and benefit from this special connection to the discipline.

Click here for a list of Departmental Membership benefits. 

↕ Graduate Departments

30+ Faculty $2,141
21-30 Faculty $1,617
11-20 Faculty $936
Less than 11 Faculty $531

↕ Undergraduate Departments

5+ Faculty $411
Less than 5 Faculty $244

↕ Community College

Community College Department $110

↕ High School

High School Department $110


Important Membership Information

APSA Departmental Memberships run yearly from July 1st to June 30th of the following year. APSA memberships cannot be prorated.

APSA does not accept purchase orders.

Becoming an APSA Departmental Member does not confer individual memberships to faculty or staff nor does it give individual access to any online individual member benefits. Faculty or staff can purchase individual memberships separately. Please see here for information on individual membership dues.

Departmental accounts are accessed through linking an individual APSA account to the departmental account.  Once the individual logs into their individual account they will now have access to the departmental account.

In order to establish a new link to a departmental account please contact member services at 202-483-2512 or [email protected]

APSA Refund Policy: Membership may be cancelled by contacting the APSA membership department by e-mail at [email protected] or by mail; however, APSA does not offer refunds for cancelled memberships.

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