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Webinar: "The Crisis in American Democracy"

The endangered state of American democracy is the dominant theme of Democracy’s Rebirth: The View From Chicago. Political Science Author Dick Simpson in the book frames the problems we face as a complex, multi-faceted, and inter-tangled web of political, social, and economic challenges. Following a brief presentation by author Dick Simpson, NPR’S Scott Simon will moderate a conversation with panelists about the crises and challenges to our democracy today. They will offer their perspective on specific crises and challenges including income and racial inequality, money in politics, polarization, nonparticipation, corruption, and structural problems, as well as discuss the ways to create a more participatory and deliberative democracy.


  • Scott Simon, Host of Weekend Edition, National Public Radio
  • Dick Simpson, Professor of Political Science, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Angelique Power, President & CEO, Skillman Foundation
  • Elizabeth Matto, Director, Center for Youth Participation, Eagleton Institute, Rutgers University and co-editor of Teaching Civic Engagement Globally

May 10, 2022, 1:00 PM U.S. Eastern Standard Time
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Webinar: "Careers Outside of the Academy"

Are you a political science Ph.D. student or Ph.D. holder interested in careers beyond the academy? Wondering what your professional experience might be like in industry, government, or nonprofit employment? "Careers Outside of the Academy" brings together political science PhDs in these sectors for an hour-long conversation and audience Q&A.


  • Natalie Jackson - Director of Research, Public Religion Research Institute, co-chair, APSA's Careers Diversity Committee
  • David Lazer - Distinguished Professor of Political Science and Computer Sciences, Northeastern University, Co-Director of NULab for Texts, Maps, and Networks - co-chair, APSA's Careers Diversity Committee

  • Analía Gómez Vidal - Research Consultant for the Water and Sanitation Division at the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
  • Solomon Messing - Senior Engineering Manager, Applied Sciences, Twitter
  • Andrew Holbrook - Senior Vice President at Wells Fargo -
  • Michael Miller - Program Director, Just Tech and Media and Democracy, Social Science Research Council

May 16, 2022, 1:00 PM U.S. Eastern Standard Time
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Webinar: "Turning Your Academic CV into a Resume: An APSA Careers Diversity Committee Workshop"

You likely have a strong CV, filled with your numerous accomplishments and experiences. However, when it comes to applying for jobs outside of academia, most organizations will request a resume. Trimming your CV down to a couple of tailored and succinct pages can sometimes seem daunting. Workshop participants will learn: the main purpose and uses of a resume, best practices for resume format and content, and how to read a job ad to identify important elements for tailoring your resume.

May 24, 2022, 12:00 PM U.S. Eastern Standard Time
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