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Using LinkedIn for your Non-Academic Career Search: An APSA Careers Diversity Committee Workshop

Navigating the non-academic job market as a Political Science graduate student or PhD requires a different approach than the academic job market. Join Natalie Jackson to learn how to use LinkedIn to search for non-academic jobs suited for Political Science PhDs. This APSA Careers Diversity Committee workshop will demonstrate strategies for using LinkedIn to identify relevant employment opportunities, cover how to read job descriptions to find good matches, and share practices to build your profile to stand out to industry recruiters and potential employers.

Natalie Jackson, PhD is a research consultant and has held a variety of non-faculty positions in media, nonprofit organizations, and academic institutions since earning her PhD from the University of Oklahoma in 2011.

This APSA Careers Diversity Committee professional development event is welcome to all interested. Registration is required. Please direct all questions to teaching@apsanet.org

1:00 PM eastern, June 13, 2023


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