APSA Public Engagement Program

APSA’s Public Engagement Program promotes dialogue between political scientists and the public to foster better understanding of political science and share insights from the discipline with broad audiences. The program supports political scientists with resources, training, and opportunities to share their research. 

The APSA Council Policy Committee on Public Engagement provides guidance on the program and all activities connected to amplifying the public reach of political science and, in particular, incorporating initiatives from the 2013-14 John Aldrich Task Force on improving public perceptions of political science’s value. The committee is currently examining the incorporation of public engagement in tenure and promotion standards. Questions or comments? Contact Abby Paulson at [email protected] 

Current Opportunities
APSA Resources
  • Press Gallery: A regular roundup of APSA members' blogs, articles, and interviews. 
  • Public Engagement Resource Library: Find a collection of materials including articles on public engagement, guides to communicating academic research, and handbooks on using social media.
  • Public Engagement Basics: Learn general pointers for communicating political science research to the public, liaising with the media, briefing policymakers, and using social media.
  • Join APSA's Experts Database: APSA members can sign up here to be included in our Experts Database, which we use to respond to media requests for experts in all areas of political science.
  • APSA Interviews: Members discuss their experiences with and strategies for public engagement. 
  • Communications Training WorkshopsThese workshops for political scientists introduce the hows and whys of public engagement and discuss tools and tips for effective communication with the media, policymakers, and the public.
For the Media
  • Resources for the Media: The APSA offers a range of resources to support the work of the media, including an Experts Database, fellowships for journalists, publications from the discipline, and more.
  • Women Also Know Stuff: This public listing of more the 1,200 scholars of political science, government, and policy provides a list of experts by subject area. The listing can help users fill panels, provide commentary for the media, or find opportunities to collaborate. 
  • People of Color Also Know Stuff:  This public listing, inspired by Women Also Know Stuff, is a searchable database of scholars of color. The site amplifes the scholarship and sucesses of scholars of color, connects media with experts, and fosters collaboration between researchers.  
For the Public
  • Resources for the Public: Learn more about political science and hear the latest news from the discipline through our resources for the public.
  • Events at APSA: The American Political Science Association's public engagement program hosts thought-provoking public events featuring political scientists from across the discipline. Most events take place at APSA's headquarters, located at Dupont Circle in Washington, D.C. Sign up here to join APSA's events mailing list, and we'll notify you of upcoming events.