Graduate Student Connection

Welcome to the APSA Graduate Student Connection! One key component of APSA's mission is to support political science education and professional development. Below are some resources and opportunities available to political science students.

APSA Annual Meeting

The APSA Annual Meeting provides many opportunities for graduate students to develop and hone skills related to the discipline (such as teaching, research, and publishing), network with peers and mentors, and prepare for a career in political science.

If you're looking for advice about how to make the most of your first APSA Annual Meeting, the Committee on the Status of Graduate Students on the Profession has put together a Graduate Student's Guide to the Annual Meeting that may be of interest! 

Career Materials

Political science graduate students gain the writing, communication, analytical, and data skills that are valued in a wide spectrum of potential careers. APSA provides career resources for students at all levels of study. Resources include:


Data on the Profession

APSA tracks data on the profession, including graduate student enrollment and employment data. To learn more, see the full list of reports on the APSA data on the profession page.


Diversity & Inclusion Programs

  • Diversity Student Recruitment Program (DSRP) is a collaboration between undergraduate and graduate programs in political science that connects undergraduate students from under-represented backgrounds who are interested in, or show potential for, graduate study with graduate programs interested in recruiting diverse cohorts of doctoral students.
  • Diversity Fellows Program (DFP) is a fellowship competition for individuals from under-represented backgrounds applying to or in the early stages of doctoral programs in political science.

To learn more, and see the full list of resources and programs, visit the Diversity & Inclusion page.

Graduate Student Recognition

PSA is pleased to include the names of individuals who have completed their doctoral dissertation at political science departments during the 2020 calendar year. In order to provide the most accurate information possible, this list is based on data reported directly from department. View the 2020 Dissertation List in the May issue of Political Science Today, page 27.

Mentor Program

Mentorship is an important part of career growth and professional development. The APSA Mentor Program connects interested graduate students and junior faculty with political scientists who have made themselves available as mentors. This program is a member benefit. Learn more about the APSA Mentor Program.


Resources for Research

To support graduate students in their research, APSA has compiled the following resources:


Teaching Events and Resources

APSA sponsors events and resources to support graduate students in their teaching. Events and resources include: