RBSI Advisory Committee

RBSI Advisory Committee Mission:


The APSA council approved the creation of an RBSI Advisory Committee (this was one of the recommendations of the 2014-2015 RBSI working group).  The role of the advisory committee is to assist the APSA council, APSA leadership, and APSA staff with planning:

  1. the mid and long term future of the RBSI program, sustainability & growth of RBSI program
  2. the future format, partnerships, and funding strategies.
  3. provide leadership in the governance of the use of endowment fund (once the endowment fund is up and running (possibly in 2019).





RBSI Advisory Committee Members:


  • Nadia Brown, Purdue University, Chair*
  • John Aldrich, Duke University
  • Khalilah Brown-Dean, Quinnipiac University*
  • Luis Fraga, University of Notre Dame
  • Rachel Gillum, RiceHadleyGates*
  • Shayla Nunnally, University of Connecticut and NCOBPS
  • Dianne Pinderhughes, University of Notre Dame
  • Gabe Sanchez, University of New Mexico*

* Denotes RBSI Program Alumni. For more information, contact diversityprograms@apsanet.org


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