Frank J. Goodnow Award 

Nominations are now closed.

The Frank J. Goodnow Award honors service to the community of teachers, researchers, and public servants who work in the many fields of politics.

The award is presented at the APSA Annual Meeting and the recipient receives an engraved crystal bowl.  Frank J. Goodnow, the first president of the American Political Science Association, a pioneer in the development of judicial politics, and former president of Johns Hopkins University, is an exemplar of the public service and volunteerism that this award represents.

Frank J. Goodnow Award Committee

Chair: Arlene W. Saxonhouse
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
[email protected]

Professor James P. Pfiffner
George Mason University
[email protected]

Dr. Michele L. Swers
Georgetown University
[email protected]

2019 Award Recipient 


Jan E. Leighley
is Professor of Government at American University. With research interests in political representation and inequality, she has published papers on voter turnout, political participation and the political behavior of African-Americans and Latinos in the U.S. in a variety of journals, including the American Political Science Review, the American Journal of Political Science, and the Journal of Politics. Her most recent book, Who Votes Now? Demographics, Issues, Inequality, and Turnout in the United States (with Jonathan Nagler), examines voter turnout in presidential elections from 1972 to 2008, highlighting the continuing class bias of the voting population relative to the citizen population; the importance of election laws to voter turnout; and the consistent bias of voters having more conservative policy preferences than non-voters. She previously served as editor of American Journal of Political Science (with Kim Quaile Hill, 2001-2004); and 2018-2019), and the Journal of Politics (with Bill Mishler, 2009-2014) and also served as Senior Associate Dean in the School of Public Affairs at American University.

Year Recipient Affiliation


Jan Leighley

American University


John Ishiyama

University of North Texas


Jeff Isaac

Indiana University


Virginia Sapiro

Boston University


K.C. Morrison
Mary Fainsod Katzenstein

Mississippi State University
Cornell University


David Collier
John E. Jackson
Ronald Schmidt

University of California, Berkeley
University of Michigan
California State University, Long Beach


Michael Brintnall
Howard J. Silver

American Political Science Association
Consortium of Social Science Associations


John H. Aldrich

Duke University


Tony Affigne
Robert J-P. Hauck

Providence College
American Political Science Association


Martha Ackelsberg
Kristen Renwick Monroe
Rogers M. Smith

Smith College
University of California, Irvine
University of Pennsylvania


Kenneth Janda

Northwestern University


Paul Sniderman
Judith Stiehm

Stanford University
Florida International University


Paula D. McClain
Lee Sigelman
Frank P. Scioli

Duke University
George Washington University
National Science Foundation


John A. Garcia
Norman J. Ornstein
Kay L. Schlozman

University of Arizona
American Enterprise Institute
Boston College


Paul Allen Beck
Jennifer Hochschild

Ohio State University
Harvard University


M. Margaret Conway
Michael B. Preston

University of Florida
University of Southern California


Dale Rogers Marshall
Jack W. Peltason
Nelson W. Polsby

Wheaton College
University of California, Irvine
University of California, Berkeley


Jean Bethke Elshtain
Fred I. Greenstein
Charles O. Jones

University of Chicago
Princeton University
University of Wisconsin, Madison


F. Chris Garcia
Gerhard Loewenberg
Dianne M. Pinderhughes
Catherine E. Rudder
Frank J. Sorauf

University of New Mexico
University of Iowa
University of Notre Dame
George Mason University
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis


Richard F. Fenno Jr.
Betty Glad
Samuel C. Patterson
J. Austin Ranney

University of Rochester 
University of South Carolina 
Ohio State University
University of California, Berkeley