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  • European Political Science Association Annual Meeting, June 18-20, Prague | Online Learn more
  • Northwestern Political Science Association Annual Meeting 2020, November 5-7, Boston, MA | Registration open | Learn more
  • American Sociological Association Annual Meeting 2020, August 8-11, San Francisco, CA |
    Learn more
  • Southern Social Science Association Annual Meeting 2020, October 29-31, Austin, TX |  Learn more
  • International Political Science Association Annual Meeting, Libson, Portugal, July 10-14 | Postponed to 2021 |  Learn more
  • Western Social Science Association Annual Meeting, April 2020, Portland, Oregon | Now Virtual | Learn more
  • ISA-Northeast conference, November 6-7, 2020, Baltimore, Maryland | Cancelled

    Learn more
  • ISA-South conference, April 20-22, 2020, Atlanta, GA |Postponed to 2021| Learn more

  • 2020 Keimyung International ConferenceI Available Online I Learn more
December 2021
Coming Soon
November 2021
  • November 1-5
University of Worcester

Questions of Accountability: Prerogatives, Power and Politics

We would like to share the launch of the website and registration and the call for papers for Questions of Accountability: Prerogatives, Power and Politics with academic colleagues.
The exhibition takes place entirely online between 1-5 November 2021 and is organized by Chris Monaghan (University of Worcester) and Prof Matthew Flinders (University of Sheffield).
Keynote speakers include Baroness Hale (former President of UK Supreme Court), Baroness Helena Kennedy QC, Lord David Blunkett (former Home Secretary), Prof Bruce Ackerman (Yale), Prof Tom Ginsburg (Chicago), Prof Margit Cohn (Hebrew University), Prof Anibal Perez-Linan (Notre Dame), Prof John Keane (Sydney), Prof Conor Gearty QC (LSE), Prof Vernon Bogdanor (King's College London), Baroness Manningham-Buller (former Director General of MI5 and current chair of Wellcome).

Proposal Deadline: August 11, 2021 
View conference website.

  • November 4-12
Eugene Scassa Mock Organization of American States Program

ESMOAS Collegiate Summit of the Americas

The 25th Annual ESMOAS Program Collegiate Summit of the Americas, held in-person at St. Mary's University in San Antonio, Texas on November 5-6, or online through Zoom on Nov.12-13, 2021, is now accepting papers.
The conference is open to presenters, undergraduate to faculty. This year’s theme is "The Americas Reach Out- Exchanges of Culture, Policy, and Goods from 1492 to the Future," and is open to all papers on history, politics, economics, and culture of the Americas or their global relations. Select papers focused outside the Americas will also be considered.

Proposal Deadline: September 12, 2021 
View conference website.

  • November 19
The Ashburn Institute

Post-Covid Economy and Graduate Recruiting Conference

Covid-19 is a global phenomenon. The serious health, economic, social and political consequences of the pandemic are becoming increasingly apparent around the world, although they are manifesting themselves differently in different countries. An economic crisis of this magnitude has a detrimental impact on the labor market. As the graduate labor market mirrors the issues in the larger economy, there are fewer jobs for young people. Moreover, graduates are in a weaker position,as many of them have no work experience and do not have the resources to sustain long-term unemployment.

Graduate recruitment is declining globally. But are there any countries that are doing better than others? What type of government -federal or authoritarian -has the advantage of containing the impact of Covid-19 on the economy and creating job opportunities for the young graduates? What sectors of the economy look most promising across countries and government types in terms of employment for young graduates? Are there strategies for "weathering the storm" of graduation toa (post)-Covid economy? If so, are there any differences between the countries with varying types of government?

These and other related questions are proposed for examination by a selected group of graduate students, first, in an orientation webinar, further through individual research, and finally they will be discussed at the Ashburn Institute conference “Post-CovidEconomy and Graduate Recruiting” and published

Proposal Deadline: July 9, 2021 
View conference website.

October 2021
  • October 22-24
Institute for Korean Unification, Pusan National University Conference

This conference is to explore the involvement of the United Nations for ‘the Forgotten War (Korean War: 1950-53).’ The theme can be analysed in a multidisciplinary approach of history, politics, anthropology, sociology, war strategy, human movement, medicine, refugee, POWs, Busan studies, unification policy, education, and human rights.

Proposal Deadline: June 15, 2021 
View conference website.

  • October 21-23
Philosophy, Politics, and Economics Society Annual Meeting

We welcome submissions addressing anything that falls within the intersection of Philosophy, Politics and Economics, broadly construed. We are especially seeking sessions that bring together people from different disciplines or with different perspectives to illuminate and address various issues and topics.

Proposal Deadline: May 1, 2021 
View conference website.

  • October 15

The Ashburn Institute: "Post-Covid Economy and Graduate Recruiting" online conference

The Ashburn Institute (AI) is an independent NGO committed to promoting democratic values & international cooperation that assists talented graduate students in their professional development through scientific cooperation and research. Graduate students in all relevant fields are invited to apply. The conference committee will accommodate up to 30 participants for the July 15, 2021 orientation webinar. Four to seven participants from this group will be selected for the Ashburn Institute scholarship following the presentation of their research proposal at the orientation.

Proposal Deadline: June 7, 2021 
View conference website.

September 2021
  • September 30-October 4
German Studies Association Annual Meeting
The 45th German Studies Association Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana, from September 30 to October 4, 2021 will continue to host a series of seminars in addition to conference sessions and roundtables (for general conference information see https://www.thegsa.org/conference). With 13 seminars postponed from the 2020 conference, we will have space for approximately 15 new seminars, for a total of about 28 seminars in Indianapolis.

Proposal Deadline: November 30, 2020 
View conference website.

  • September 24-25
Great Plains Political Science Association Annual Meeting

We are pleased to announce that the 24th Annual Meeting of the GPPSA in 2021 will return to an in-person meeting in Maryville, Missouri, while also offering a virtual option. Our conference welcomes presentations and participation from all areas of political science or related disciplines from collegiate, post-collegiate, and professional scholarship. Paper proposals are due by July 1, 2021. Please see the Submission link for more information on submitting an abstract.

Proposal Deadline: July 1, 2021 
View conference website.

August 2021
Coming Soon
July 2021

Coming Soon

June 2021
  • June 28-July 16
Critical Theory Workshop

The Critical Theory Workshop/Atelier de Théorie Critique runs an intensive research program in Paris, and simultaneously online, whose primary objective is to provide an international forum for trans-disciplinary and comparative work in critical social theory, in the most expansive sense of the term. Participants are exposed to the work of contemporary thinkers and engage with current debates in the Francophone world and beyond. Special attention is paid to traditions of thought that have been structurally suppressed in the academy, including Marxism, the black radical tradition, anticolonial theory, socialist feminism and radical ecological thought.

Proposal Deadline: March 31, 2021 
View conference website.

  • June 27-30

Interntional Symposium on Forecasting

The International Symposium on Forecasting (ISF) is the premier forecasting conference, attracting the world’s leading forecasting researchers, practitioners, and students. Through a combination of keynote speaker presentations, academic sessions, workshops, and social programs, the ISF provides many excellent opportunities for networking, learning, and fun.