Online Syllabi Collection

Among a teacher's most arduous tasks each semester is to prepare syllabi for the upcoming class schedule. As faculty teach a more diverse array of courses, many rely on assistance and suggestions from colleagues to design classes and on the growing number of syllabi that can be found online. 

The APSA Syllabi Project assists in this endeavor by making available a wide array of syllabi for courses in all subfields of political science. If you have questions about the APSA Syllabi Project, please contact teaching@apsanet.org.

Introduction to Political Science

American Politics

Comparative Politics

International Relations

  • Human Security
    Taylor Seybolt, University of Pittsburgh, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs

Political Theory

Political Economy

Public Policy & Public Administration


Gender, Sexuality & Politics

Inequality and American Democracy 

The APSA Task Force on Inequality and American Democracy  produced teaching materials on teaching about inequality and American democracy, including a course outline and syllabus.  

Join the over 500 departments of varying sizes and types that participate in this program and benefit from this special connection to the discipline.