The Charles E. Merriam Award honors an individual whose published work and career represent a significant contribution to the art of government through the application of social science research. 

The biennial award is presented at the APSA Annual Meeting and carries a cash prize of $500.  

Nominations and self-nominations closed. The award will be given next in 2021.  


Charles E. Merriam Award Committee

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About Charles Merriam
Charles Merriam's career exemplified a combination of innovative political and social science scholarship and practical service to the community and nation. The department he chaired in the 1920s-1940s set the agenda of the political science profession in the post World War II decades. He was the key figure in the founding of the Social Science Research Council, and chaired it in its first decades. His public service included membership in the Chicago City Council, and President Roosevelt's National Resources Planning Board, and the Committee on Administrative Management.  
Year Recipient Affiliation
2019 Pippa Norris Harvard University and Sydney Universities
Bernard Grofman University of California, Irvine
Donna Shalala University of Miami
Doug Rivers Stanford University
Kathryn Sikkink
University of Minnesota
Robert Axelrod University of Michigan
2009 Michael Doyle Columbia University
2007 Robert D. Putnam Harvard University
2005 Kenneth Prewitt Columbia University
2003 Joseph S. Nye, Jr. Harvard University
2001 Robert Katzmann U.S. Court of Appeals
2001 Thomas E. Mann Brookings Institution
1999 Allen Schick University of Maryland
1997 Gary Orfield Harvard University
1995 Alan Rosenthal Rutgers University
1987 Richard Nathan Princeton University
1986 Thomas Cronin Colorado College
1985 James L. Sundquist Brookings Institution
1984 George F. Kennan Institute for Advanced Study
1983 Jack Peltason