Support the Next Generation of Political Scientists

You can help the next generation entering the profession, enhance their capacity to conduct research, improve teaching, develop professionally, and communicate their ideas within the discipline and to the wider public.

Irving Krauss honored his wife, Wilma Rule, with a gift to ensure the security of the Victoria Schuck Award for future generations of scholars conducting research on women and politics.

Beryl Radin's gift created the Pracademic Fellowship which places academics in government agencies so they can participate in the experience of joining theory and practice.

As you consider any donation, please consult with your tax or financial advisor.  This website is not intended as legal, financial, or tax advice.  If you have questions or would like to inform APSA of your giving plans, please contact Jason Sapia at 202-349-9357 or [email protected].

Give Through Your Will

Support the programs at APSA that have been important in your life or honor a family member with a bequest.  Ask your attorney to add this suggested wording to your will or trust:

“I give to American Political Science Association, Federal Tax ID 53-0200001, ( _____ percent of my estate or the sum of $_____ ) for its general purposes.”

If you already have a will, a simple codicil can be added. For your convenience, we have provided prewritten language that can serve as a codicil to your will in order to make your gift.  Click here to download.

Life Insurance Policy

A cost-effective way to make a donation without the hassle of a will is to name APSA as a beneficiary of your existing life insurance policy.  Contact your insurance provider and complete a beneficiary designation form.

Retirement Plan

Another simple way to donate without a will is through your retirement plan.  You can name APSA as your retirement plan beneficiary by filling out the appropriate form with your plan administrator.

Bank or Brokerage Account

You can also name APSA as a beneficiary of your savings account, CDs, and other bank accounts by designating your account as Payable on Death (POD) to the Association.  Similarly, APSA can be named a beneficiary of your brokerage accounts by designating your account as Transfer on Death (TOD) to APSA.