Your Legacy is Our Future.

Your legacy support will ensure your heritage at APSA and keep political science thriving for the next generation.

If you include APSA in your giving plans, please use our legal name and tax ID.
Legal Name: American Political Science Association
Tax ID: 53-0200001
Incorporated In: Washington, DC


Most donors choose to leave a gift in a will or trust.  Please use our sample bequest language: 

"I give [ _____ percent of my estate] or [the sum of $_____ ] to the American Political Science Association in Washington, DC for its general purposes or for the benefit of [name of APSA fund or program]."

If you already have a will, ask your attorney to include a codicil, which is merely an addition to your will. 

Life Insurance

To name APSA as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy, contact your insurance provider and complete a beneficiary designation form.

Retirement Plans

Name APSA as a beneficiary of a retirement plan by filling out the appropriate form with your plan administrator.

Other Financial Accounts

Designate a savings account, CD, or other bank account as POD (payable on death) to APSA.  You can also designate a brokerage account as TOD (transfer on death).

Bequest to the Victoria Schuck Award Fund protects the prize for future scholars.

Donor's gift enables political scientists to join theory and practice.

Next Steps

Please let us know if you've included APSA in your giving plans.  When you do, you'll join our group of legacy donors who, like you, want to have a crucial role in ensuring a vibrant future for new entrants to the political science profession.  Email APSA at [email protected] 

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