James Madison Award

Nominations open November 2022.

The James Madison Award honors an American political scientist who has made a distinguished scholarly contribution to political science.

The triennial award is presented at the APSA Annual Meeting and carries a cash prize of $2,000. The recipient delivers the Madison Lecture at the Annual Meeting. The award will be presented again in 2023.

James Madison Award Committee

Year Recipient Affiliation
2020 John J. Mearsheimer University of Chicago
2017 Deborah Stone Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2014 Robert Keohane Princeton University
2011 Jane Mansbridge Harvard University
2008 Theodore Lowi Cornell University
2005 Elinor Ostrom Indiana University
2002 David Mayhew Yale University
1999 Kenneth N. Waltz Columbia University
1996 Philip Converse University of Michigan and Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Science
1993 Sidney Verba Harvard University
1990 James Q. Wilson

University of California, Los Angeles

1987 E. Pendleton Herring Social Science Research Council
1984 Herbert Simon Carnegie-Mellon University
1981 Gabriel A. Almond Stanford University
1978 Robert A. Dahl Yale University

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