APSA's interactive dashboards allow users to visually explore APSA's the demographic composition of the profession, of our membership, and of APSA Organized Sections. Our data dashboards are updated regularly throughout the year and allow users to see changes over time.

If you are interested in the data underlying these dashboards and cannot find what you are looking for in the data downloadable from the dashboards, please look at what is available on our public datasets page, or submit a data request form here.

To view the Membership or Organized Sections dashboards, select the relevant dashboard or image below. Have questions or difficulty using the dashboards? Email us at surveys@apsanet.org.

Membership Dashboard

The Membership Dashboard reveals insights into where members are located, highlights demographic information, and shows the variety of fields that members study.

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The P-WAM dashboard features data from the largest PhD granting institutions in political science on the gender and race/ethnicity of their faculty.

MENA Workshops Participants Dashboard


The MENA Workshops Alumni Dashboard provides a look at alumni of the APSA MENA Workshops, including an interactive map of alumni, as well as alumni fields of study and organized section membership.

Organized Sections Dashboard

The Organized Sections Dashboard outlines the demographic breakdown – including membership type, race/ethnicity, gender, age, and primary field of study – of 
APSA’s organized sections.