Robert A. Dahl Award 

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The Robert A. Dahl Award honors an untenured scholar who has produced scholarship of the highest quality on the subject of democracy.

The award is presented at the APSA Annual Meeting and carries a cash prize of $750. The award was established in honor of Dr. Robert Dahl, who served as APSA President in 1966.

Nomination Information

Non-ladder faculty members and junior tenure-track faculty at universities and colleges are eligible for the Dahl Award, as are scholars at nonprofit organizations and think tanks, and independent scholars. Scholarship eligible for the Dahl Award includes books, papers, reports, and articles on the subject of democracy.

You may submit one item per nomination: one book, one article, one paper.  You will have the opportunity to upload other supporting documents through this form, such as letters of support for a nominee, or a personal statement if you are making a self-nomination. 

If you are nominating a book:

  • Individuals: Please contact the publisher and ask to have a copy of the nominated book mailed directly to each award committee member listed below.
  • Publishers: After completing and submitting your nomination online through the APSA application portal, please mail a copy of the nominated book directly to each member of the award committee.

Robert Dahl Award Committee

Chair: Rachel Riedl
Institute of Advanced Studies
5 allée Jacques Berque
44000 Nantes

Agustina Giraudy
3807 Military Rd NW
Washington, D.C. 20015

Dr. Imke Harbers
University of Amsterdam
Department of Political Science
PO Box 15578
1001 NB Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Eva Sørensen
Roskilde Universitet
Building 25.2
Universitetsvej 1
4000 Roskilde

2019 Award Recipient 

hertel fernandez637214541855696378

Alexander Hertel-Fernandez
is an assistant professor of international and public affairs at Columbia University, where he studies American political economy, with a focus on the politics of business, labor, wealthy donors, and policy. His most recent book, State Capture, examines how networks of conservative activists, right-leaning donors, and businesses built organizations to successfully reshape public policy across the states and why progressives failed in similar efforts. His previous book, Politics at Work, examines how employers are increasingly recruiting their workers into politics to change elections and policy. He has published his research in leading peer-reviewed journals in political science and policy, as well as in the American Prospect, Democracy Journal, the Harvard Business Review, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and Vox, among other outlets. He received his PhD in government and social policy from Harvard University and is currently a visiting scholar at the Russell Sage Foundation.

Year Recipient Title
2019 Alexander Hertel-Fernandez Politics at Work: How Companies Turn Their Workers into Lobbyists
2018 Paul D. Kenny Populism and Patronage: Why Populists Win Elections in India, Asia, and Beyond
2017 Candelaria Garay Social Policy Expansion in Latin American
2016 Lee Drutman The Business of America is Lobbying: How Corporations Became Politicized and Politics Became More Corporate

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