APSA Mentoring Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How do I become an APSA mentor? Are there requirements?
A:  APSA Members are welcome to sign up to become an APSA Mentor, as long as you have the time to commit to mentoring the mentee.  We welcome mentors who are Master’s students, PhD students, junior faculty, senior faculty, retired, career experts, etc.  Sign up on the APSA website: www.apsanet.org/mentor.

Q:  How do I request an APSA Mentor? Are there requirements?
A:  Is it highly encouraged that all mentees have a student membership with APSA, however, it is not required.  You can request a mentor on our website www.apsanet.org/mentor.

Q:  How long is the commitment for the mentoring program?
A:  The duration of the mentor process can vary. When you fill out your mentor or mentee profile, you will designate whether you need short-term (one semester) or long-term (one academic year) mentoring.  

Q:  What if I would like my mentor relationship to continue longer than a year?
A:  If you and your long-term mentor have established a good mentor/mentee relationship, you can continue beyond the long-term one year time frame.  However, if one or both of you are unable to continue, you can contact APSA and we will match you with a new mentor.

Q: Is my mentor/mentee in the same institution as me?  
A:  Your mentor/mentee could be at another institution anywhere around the world.  It is up to the mentor and the mentee to discuss the best way to communicate (i.e. phone, email, skype, etc.) and set up a standardized mentoring schedule that works for both people. APSA recommends starting over email.

Q:  What factors do you use in mentor matching?
A:  When completing a APSA mentor/mentee profile, you will answer a number of questions regarding your current status, research interests, subfields, areas of expertise, and the professional development areas that you need mentoring in. APSA seeks to match each mentee with a mentor that best fits their request.

Q:  I have not heard from my mentor/mentee. What should I do?
A:  It is required that the mentees make the initial communication within 48 hours of the match.  If you reach out, or did reach out, and have not heard back, contact APSA at diversityprograms@apsanet.org.