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On March 27, 2020, President Trump signed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act, H.R. 748).

We want to share how some of the legislation in the new “CARES” Act may help you deduct your donations to APSA. Donors should contact their attorneys and financial advisors to determine how best to take advantage of this opportunity.

  • For those who don’t itemize their taxes:

    The Act allows for up to $300 in charitable contributions to be an above-the-line deduction, meaning you don’t have to itemize to claim the deduction. Contributions must be cash donations to qualified charities.

  • For those who do itemize:

    The Act increases the cap on annual giving from 60 percent of adjusted gross income to 100 percent. Here is a quick explainer from the New York Times:

    As part of the bill, donors can deduct 100 percent of their gift against their 2020 adjusted gross income. If you have $1 million of income, you can give $1 million to a public charity and deduct the full amount in 2020.

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When we individually commit to making a difference, collectively we mobilize the political science community to have an enormous impact on the profession.  

Thank you, Donors

We are honored to recognize Fiscal Year 2019 donors (October 1 – September 30) in the January issue of PS: Political Science & Politics. APSA extends its sincere thanks to these individuals, corporations, and foundations that have made contributions that are critical to the on-going success of our programs.


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Donations to the American Political Science Association (Tax ID #53-0200001) are tax-deductible. If you would like more information before making a donation, please feel free to contact Jason Sapia at 202-349-9357 or [email protected]