Committee on the Status Blacks in the Profession
The committee on the status of blacks in the profession develops and promotes activities concerning the professional development of African Americans within the discipline.

Committee Members:

Term expiring August 31, 2021

  • Alice Jackson, Morgan State University
  • Candis W. Smith, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Term expiring September 2022 (after the annual meeting)

  • Jamila Michener, Cornell University
  • Ismail White, Duke University, Chair
  • Ray Block, Pennsylvania State University

Term expiring September 2023 (after the annual meeting)

  • Ray Block, Pennsylvania State University

Recent Committee Projects and Activities:

Related Materials:

Related Programs and Activities:

Previous Panels or Roundtables at the APSA Annual Meeting:
  • 2018 Author Meets Critic: New Books on Black Politics and Race
  • 2017 Roundtable: The Black Agenda and the Trump Administration
  • 2017 Author Meets Critics: Melanye Price's The Race Whisperer: Barack Obama and the Political Uses of Race
  • 2016 Panel: To Hell and Back: Black Political Scientists, Dispossession, Disability, and the Quotidian Violence of Academic Life
  • 2015 Roundtable: From Hurricane Katrina to Ferguson: Environmental Justice, the State, & Violence
  • 2014 Panel: (Non)Traditional Methods in the Study of Black Politics: Voices from the Field
  • 2013 Panel: On the Passing of Friends and Intellectuals: A Panel in Honor of the Life and Work of Hanes Walton Jr., Richard Iton, and William E. 'Nick' Nelson
  • 2011 Panel: The Status of Blacks in the Profession
  • 2010 Panel: 'New' Black Politics Revisited: Deracialization and 'Post-Racial' Black Leadership
  • 2009 Panel: Black Faculty Recruitment and Retention: The Impact of the Economic Crisis
  • 2008 Panel: Status of Diversity Profiles in the Profession