International Conference Panels Travel Grant

APSA is pleased to announce a Call for Panel Proposals to be presented at the international conferences of select national political science associations. APSA’s international committee will review full-panel proposals for in-person conference presentation and select 2-4 submissions to receive travel grants of up to $4,000 per panel.  Proposals will be accepted in two cycles on a rolling basis,  with a fall deadline for Spring/Summer conferences (PSA, IPPA, CPSA, and IPSA) and a spring deadline for Fall/Winter conferences (ECPR, CEPSA, KPSA, PSAI, and AMECIP).
Proposals should be submitted by March 31 via wufoo. Contact astinson@apsanet.org with questions.

Eligible Conferences

APSA has agreements with a number of partner associations to foster collaboration and engagement among our communities, including through reciprocal panel allocations at one another’s conferences. We invite APSA members to utilize these panel allocations at the annual conferences of select national political science associations:


Fall Call for Proposals


Spring Call for Proposals


Panel Proposals and Submission

Proposals for the Spring cycle should be submitted by March 31 via wufoo.


Panel Proposals should include:

  • Panel title and brief theme statement/abstract
  • CV of panel organizer
  • Detailed Panel Description
  • Travel Grant Budget Justification


The Detailed Panel Description (1-3 pages) should thoroughly convey the theme and importance of the panel. In addition to identifying the panelists and paper topics/titles, the panel description should explain why the chosen conference will be a good venue for the panel theme, how the panel draws upon or will contribute to existing literature, and should also reflect on other factors as appropriate (diversity of panelists, connection of panel to other projects, etc.).


The Travel Grant Budget Justification (1 page) should identify the requested level of support (up to $4,000), itemize the expected usage of funds, and mention any expected departmental or additional support funding. 

Proposals will be accepted on a rolling bases and reviewed in two cycles (Spring/March and Fall/November). No more than 2 proposals will be accepted for funding in each cycle; though, additional in-person panels and virtual panels may be accepted without  funding.