Academic & Professional Development
Teaching & Education

A key component of APSA's mission is to support political science education and the professional development of its practitioners. Teaching is a vital component of the discipline, and APSA seeks to generate a greater understanding of cutting-edge approaches, techniques, and methodologies that can be effectively applied in the political science classroom. Programs include the APSA Teaching and Learning Conference, teaching awards, the APSA syllabus project, and civic engagement initiatives.

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Professional Development

Professional development in political science involves educating and training students and faculty on career skills and strategies. The purpose of this training is to enhance knowledge, preparation, performance, and advancement in both academic and non-academic spheres. The APSA professional development program coordinates a series of initiatives aimed at promoting professional development for all those engaged in the discipline of political science.

Supporting professional development among APSA members assists in the Association's core objectives, including: promoting scholarly research and communication; promoting high quality teaching and education; diversifying the profession and representing its diversity; increasing academic and non-academic opportunities; and strengthening the professional environment for political science.

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