Publishing FAQs

Listed below are commonly asked questions about APSA publications. If your question is not listed, please e-mail our publications department at publications@apsanet.org. Please note that all members receive digital access to all issues of Journal of Political Science and Education, Perspectives on Politics, PS: Political Science and Politics, American Political Science Review and Political Science Today from the 1900s to present.

↕ How do I access my APSA journals?

(1) Go to apsanet.org and click 'Login' in the upper righthand corner (2) Enter your APSA username and password (3) Click your name in the upper righthand corner (4) Find links to your available journals under 'APSA Journals.' 

↕ How do I access my section journals?

See above question. All section journals are available online, but some are additionally available in print.

↕ How do I change my journal mailing preferences?

Login to your MyAPSA account and click on the Journal Delivery Preferences button in the welcome page. You can also change your mailing preferences in Privacy under Account Actions.
Note: You may have to add an additional address in My Addresses under Account Actions if you would like your journal sent to a home or work address that is different from your listed address.

↕ Where do I learn about copyright if I'm submitting a manuscript?

Official Copyright Transfer Agreements for each APSA journal can be found on the publisher's website under the journal's information. For easier access, use our "Journals" page and click on any of the "Info" buttons to be taken to each publisher's website. The forms are straightforward, but if any questions arise, use the journal's customer service email or, if already working on a submission, contact the editor that you have been working with.

More copyright and permissions information can be found in the APSA Style Manual for Political Science

↕ Where can I ask for permissions to use APSA content?

The three APSA journals, PS: Political Science and Politics, Perspectives on Politics, and the American Political Science Review, are all published by Cambridge University Press. Permission requests can be directed to Cambridge online.

Note: APSA journal authors are granted the right to reproduce their article or an adapted version of it in any volume of which they are the editor or author. Permission is automatically granted to the publisher of such volume, subject to normal acknowledgement. View copyright transfer agreements in the previous question.

To request permissions of other publications published by APSA (such as Teaching Civic Engagement, Navigating Political Science, etc.), contact publications@apsanet.org.

More copyright and permissions information can be found in the APSA Style Manual for Political Science

↕ What is DA-RT? Where can I find out more information?

DA-RT began as an idea, a set of principles included in the 2012 changes to the APSA ethics guide. Following lengthy discussion and debate, DA-RT culminated in a joint statement among 27 political science journals (including the American Political Science Review), seeking to implement the following by January 15, 2016:

  • Require authors to ensure that cited data are available at the time of publication through a trusted digital repository.
  • Require authors to delineate clearly the analytic procedures upon which their published claims rely, and where possible to provide access to all relevant analytic materials.
  • Maintain a consistent data citation policy to increase the credit that data creators and suppliers receive for their work. These policies include using data citation practices that identify a dataset’s author(s), title, date, version, and a persistent identifier.
  • Ensure that journal style guides, codes of ethics, publication manuals, and other forms of guidance are updated and expanded to include improved data access and research transparency requirements.

For more information regarding DA-RT principles, visit the official website.

Further DA-RT resources:

↕ How do I submit an In Memoriam tribute?

In Political Science Today, APSA's member magazine, APSA publishes an In Memoriam section to honor the lives and work of political scientists who have recently passed away. To submit a tribute or to request guidelines, contact publications@apsanet.org.

↕ How can I get my book reviewed?

Perspectives on Politics publishes book reviews, and the journals book review editorial operations are now incorporated within the broader operations of Perspectives and housed within the journal’s main office at University of Florida. To request more information about submitting a book for review, contact perspectives-reviews@polisci.ufl.edu. All reviews, review essays, and symposia are commissioned and edited by the editor-in-chief.

Political Science Today publishes a section called “Books by Our Readers” that includes titles of books published by APSA members. Contact publications@apsanet.org to submit a title for listing.

↕ How do I access past conference papers?

Links to papers and programs from recent conferences can be found on APSA Preprints here: https://preprints.apsanet.org/engage/apsa/events-dashboard

↕ How do I purchase individual copies of APSA print journals?

Please contact:
Periodicals Service Company,
11 Main Street,
Germantown, NY 12526

Telephone: +1 5185374700
Fax: +1 5185375899
E-mail: psc@periodicals.com