APSA Distinguished Award for Civic and Community Engagement 

Nominations open November 2020.

The APSA Distinguished Award for Civic and Community Engagement honors significant civic or community engagement activity by a political scientist, alone or in collaboration with others, which explicitly merges knowledge and practice and goes beyond research to have an impact outside of the profession or the academy.

The award, supported by the Ivywood Foundation, is presented at the APSA Annual Meeting and carries a $1,000 honorarium and funds for the recipient to organize an activity to advance civic and community engagement at the following year's Annual Meeting.

Nomination Information

Nominations are also encouraged from all types of academic institutions; in fact, because contributions may come from outside of academia, there is no requirement that the honoree be a current faculty member. In addition, the award is intended to recognize a significant singular contribution rather than the cumulative work of a career, and so scholars of all ranks will be eligible for the award – including scholars at the early or mid-career level whose career trajectory and subsequent contributions may be positively affected. Past receipt of the award, therefore, would not preclude one’s future eligibility for a later/separate significant contribution.

Honored work will demonstrate benefit to the public, including, but not limited to: enhancing democratic processes and outcomes; improving civic engagement; or practically addressing contemporary policy issues and conflicts through work with civic or community groups, or government institutions at any level and in any country. Such work could involve the crafting of innovative collaborations between scholars and non-academic institutions and entities. It is through such work of direct and clearly elaborated public relevance that our discipline will build the community-informed research and practically-focused partnerships between academics and non-academic entities (advocacy and community organizations, policymakers, etc.) that will help to address issues of social importance within our communities, states, nations, and the broader globe. Because the award is seeking to honor a civic and community engagement activity, honorees should be political scientists, but the award could be given to a single individual, an academic collaboration, or to a partnership between scholars and those beyond the academy (community organization, government actor, etc.).

APSA Distinguished Award For Civic and Community Engagement Committee

Year Recipient Affiliation
2020 Marc M. Howard Georgetown University and Frederick Douglass Project for Justice