Election Assistance Task Force

On September 8, 2020, the APSA Council approved the creation of an Election Assistance Task Force to leverage the expertise and experience of political scientists to support free, fair, and open elections in the United States on November 3, 2020 and thereafter. Consistent with the APSA bylaws, the Task Force on Election Assistance is non-partisan.

The purpose of the task force is to foster broader knowledge and understanding of non-partisan election assistance, including resources on non-partisan voter mobilization organizations, poll worker recruitment, technical aid to election officials implementing new systems, voter registration, the prevention of voter intimidation and disenfranchisement, and an understanding of how political scientists empirically identify and measure voter fraud.

Task Force Members and Volunteers


The Task Force is targeting five issues related to the election. Political scientists interested in contributing to the subcommittees are encouraged to contact the subcommittee chairs directly. Please contact Abby Paulson ([email protected]) with any questions. 

  • Making a Voting Plan and Voter Registration (Veronica Reyna)
  • Recruiting Poll Workers (Lee Ann Banaszak) 
  • Drawing Attention to Racial Disparities and Disfranchisement (Darren Davis) 
  • Fighting False Narratives on the Conduct of Elections (Costas Panagopoulos) 
  • Helping APSA Members Publish Op-Eds in Local Papers (Jennifer Victor) 
Products and Resources

Nominations, including self-nominations, for Committee membership can be emailed to [email protected].
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