Section Officer and Organizer FAQs

↕ How do I reserve space for a business meeting or reception for the Annual Meeting?

To request space for a business meeting, reception, or other event at the Annual Meeting, all requests must be submitted through the online APSA Affiliated Event request form. The form is launched in January of each year and space request are due on or before March 30. The individual who submits the space request will become the primary point of contact (POC) for the event if it is approved and must have budgetary authority for the section. Therefore, section treasurers should take on this task.

↕ How do I communicate with my section?

Messages can be sent to all members of an organized section by posting to the section’s discussion forum on APSA Connect. Instructions on how to navigate your section including posting messages, uploading documents, and editing your email settings can be found at https://connect.apsanet.org/how-to/. Section chairs also have online access to the section’s current membership list. Chairs may download the up-to-date roster from the APSA website as needed. To obtain your section’s roster follow these instructions:
1. Login to APSAnet.org
2. Select “MEMBERSHIP” from the gray menu bar
3. Select “Organized Sections by Number (or Title)” from the dropdown
4. Select “Section Membership FAQs”
5. Select “For Section Officers and Organizers” from the links near the middle of the page (or the following link: http://www.apsanet.org/MEMBERSHIP/Section-Membership-FAQs/For-Section-Officers-and-Organizers)

↕ Who should sign the check-request form?

The section Treasurer is responsible for signing the check-request form.

↕ When is award information due to APSA?

The names and affiliations of all award recipients should be submitted to the APSA membership department on or before June 15 of every year. Submit this information via e-mail using the [email protected] address or by sending via mail to: American Political Science Association, 1527 New Hampshire Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20036.

↕ When is section officer information due to APSA

Changes in dues, section names, and officer information should be submitted by using the Section Update Form no later than the first week of October.