Spring Seminar Series
After fellows begin working in their fellowship placements, organized enrichment activities continue throughout the fellowship year, starting with the Spring Seminar series. These seminars are designed to enhance Fellows' understanding of Congress and U.S. politics.

Guest discussants are drawn from Congressional support entities such as the Government Accountability Office and the Congressional Budget Office, and also include scholars and policy experts who speak on a range of issues connected to national politics. The seminars are held twice a month from January to June in the U.S. Capitol. Recent topics have included:

  • Operations of the House Press Galleries
  • Order in the House—A Discussion with the House Parliamentarian
  • U.S-Canada Bilateral Relations
  • The Role of the Congressional Budget Office
  • The Role of the Government Accountability Office
  • The English and Colonial Roots of Parliamentary Government
  • The Role of the White House Press Spokesperson
  • Legislative-Executive Branch Relations
  • Presidential Transitions
  • Congress on Film